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Farm Info

Moksh Organic Farm and Nursery is situated north of Brampton and south of Orangeville ,very close to bellfountain area on HWY #10. Total acers 197.889 of agricultural land planned to utilize for agriculture farming and development. House, Portable Office(s), Well Water, Silo, Greenhouse(s), Credit Valley River bank and Pond(s) utilize for future ongoing farming activities and crops production and also utilize for nursery production as well.

Customer Analysis

Our first two years 2018-2019 (Pilot Project) business plan of nursery plants and organic farm crops production to retail garden centers (approximately 37%); mass merchandisers (approximately 11%); local landscapers and builder (approximately 26%); Other bodies such as municipals and golf courses ( approximately 7%); local growers and consumers (approximately 19%).

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be an industry leader in organic crops and nursery production. A well-diversified, vertically integrated company ushering in a new age in an age old industry. Our mission is to provide quality organic agricultural products and nursery plants to maximize return with diligence and integrity.

why choose us

GMO-free organic products for healthy living.

  • Certified organic standardsThe organic standards describe the specific requirements to products before going for sale.
  • Fair prices for you, Moksh Farms & Nursery offers affordable prices for high-quality farm and Nursery products to provide maximum people with healthy food.
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